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Position Details

Position Title:

PHP And MERN Stack Developer

Company name:

Hexaware Technologies Ltd.

Position Level:


Current Status:


Experience Required:

4.00 to 8.00 Years

Maximum CTC:

13.00 Lakhs Per Annum

Position Locations:

Reference Reward : INR 0.00 on selection and joining for the position.
Reference WithCV Reward : INR 0.00 on selection and joining for the position.

Company – Hexaware Technologies Ltd

Position – PHP And MERN Stack Developer

Location - Bangalore

Experience - 3.9 to 8 Years

Mandatory Skills

· PHP- MYSQL : HCP Space Projects and APLMA Project Support and Enhancements  

· Experience in CSS/HTML, the designs are bit complex so better to have more advanced knowledge

· Experience in PHP 4 to 5 years

· Sound knowledge in MySQL and ability to write optimal queries

· Good Exposure on MERN Stack

· Ability to understand complex queries and convert them to MongoDB (NOSQL)

· Knowledge in one of the JS packages (Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js)

Client - IQVIA - Bangalore



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