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Position Details

Position Title:

InformaticaMDM Developer

Company name:

Ness Software Engineering Services

Position Level:

Middle Management

Current Status:


Experience Required:

5.00 to 8.00 Years

Maximum CTC:

11.00 Lakhs Per Annum

Position Locations:


Reference Reward : INR 0.00 on selection and joining for the position.
Reference WithCV Reward : INR 0.00 on selection and joining for the position.

MDM Developer

Engineer III, Software Development (Grade 10)

Manager / Individual Contributor?

Individual Contributor


The Role

This position supports Enterprise Informatica MDM Product for OTC program and implementations of other domains such as Customer, Employee Vendor depending on organization needs. A strong knowledge of Informatica MDM Hub configurations, IDD development and development of SIF API calls is needed. Candidate work load will encompass:

· MDM Hub configurations and customizations

· IDD development and support

· ActiveVOS Workflow development and monitoring

· MDM installation and debug application issues

· Work with Informatica Support to resolve product issues

· SIF service call development

· Support integrations with downstream systems such as Zuora, Oracle EBS

· Integration of MDM jobs with IBM Tivoli

· Java Development knowledge

· Deployment package creation for migration to higher environments


The Impact

S&P Global is expanding companywide the enterprise master data management technical architecture. This position will directly influence this growth and evolution and ensure that the needs of internal and external clients are met, including partnering with the Chief Data Office (CDO).


The Career Opportunity

We see the position evolving over time. In the near term, the candidate will work closely with the data steward teams in implementing MDM domains for Lead to Cash program and the data warehouse. The longer term MDM domains will expand to include Finance COA and HR. We will also expand the data warehouse foundation to other business systems in the organization to support cross functional and predictive analytics.

The Team / the Business

This position is part of BI Analytics & Information Management Corporate. The team, through its deep expertise in various technologies, fosters knowledge sharing and collaboration that results in a unified group strategy.

Your Skills

· Extensive implementation experience in MDM domains such as Customer, Vendor, Product and Employee.

· Designed and developed master data management logical and physical database models, Hub configurations, IDD enhancements and backend data objects.

· Extensive implementation experience in Informatica Data Governance suite.

· Experience in creation and consumption of REST/SOAP based web services using Informatica Cloud Real Time (ICRT).

· Application Program Interface (API) knowledge of various systems such as Zuora, Salesforce, Hiperos, and Informatica Cloud Services’ REST API. Integrated these API services, with the internal applications, by creating ICRT guides and processes.

· Experience in developing data services using ICRT and ICS platforms

· Strong knowledge of ETL tools – Informatica PowerCenter and Informatica Cloud Services (ICS). Expertise in developing, debugging and optimizing Informatica Data Synchronization Tasks, Data Replications Tasks, Mappings, Mapplets, and Workflows.

· Good knowledge of RDBMS – Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2. Well versed in developing complex SQL queries, Stored Procedures, Triggers, unions and multiple table joins, Views.


Our Hiring Manager Says

If you are an Agile developer who is highly compassionate about driving Enterprise Data services development and integration across all S&P operating companies, as well as, maximizing the impact of analytics at S&P Global, this is an excellent opportunity.  We are looking for someone with a unique and diverse combination of Data Management, API Development, Data Warehousing, System Integration, Data Quality, Performance Management, and Reporting / Analytic skills that will create the foundation to implement core analytic applications to help our organization deliver the insights and data that our internal and external customers require.



Informatica MDM:

· Develop MDM Data Models, Hub configurations, IDD enhancements and backend data objects.

· Define measurable metrics and the minimal required attributes for each domain or subject area to support a robust and successful deployment of an MDM platform.

· Integration with S&P CAPIQ Global Customer databases.

· Master Data Domain experience in one or more of the following data domains (e.g. Product, Customer, Client, Provider, Vendor).

· Acquire and interpret business requirements, create technical artifacts, and determine the most efficient/appropriate solution design, thinking from an enterprise-wide view.

· Participate in the development of the master data management architecture.

· Understand strategic objectives of the company, and ensure that MDM Architecture is capable of supporting it.

· Identify impacts to downstream systems based on end user requests.


· Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field.

· 5+ year experience in Informatica MDM and data governance suite

· 5+ year experience in developing API’s/ETL processes using Informatica PowerCenter, Informatica Cloud Services and Informatica Cloud Real Time.

· Expertise in implementing Customer/Vendor and Product data models.

· Knowledge of Informatica IMM and IDQ is preferred

· Strong communication and interpersonal skills, identifying solutions to loosely defined business problems.

· Must be able to effectively interact with data scientists, developers, senior system designers, and internal functional staffs.



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